My Services

These are the services I offer. Whether you need all of them, or you want to hand pick one or two. I can guide you in any area of your life you want to see growth in. 

Mindfulness 1:1

This coaching will help you grow to be more mindful. I will help guide you to increase your awareness to any present moment and feeling. I will also send you useful tools that will help bring you back to feeling ease.


Mindful parenting 1:1

This coaching will help guide you to grow to be a more mindful parent. If you have noticed that you don't like your parenting style and want to change it so you can raise more emotionally stable children then this coaching is perfect for you. I will also send you tips and homework to practice after our sessions to fit your current need.


Raising mindful children 1:1

This coaching will help you teach your children tools that they can use to be more mindful. These tools also include things that will help them regulate their emotions. Early intervention is important for children's development.


Meditation 1:1

This coaching will guide you into meditation. Whether you are interested in using this to help cope with stress, or you want to learn so you can have clarity of things. I will design a meditation that works for you.

Let's Work Together

To get started, click on "contact me" submit your information and which coaching session you are interested in starting. I will get back to you with my availability. I look forward to get to know you!