Self care guide for moms

Exhaustion, burn out, overstimulated feelings are real ESPECIALLY for moms. From doing house chores, working, parenting, and maintaining relationships in your life these feelings can easily get triggered if you don’t start including self care in your daily practice. You must hear this and think I’m crazy to even mention this especially after admitting how busy we are as mothers. The thing is, self care does NOT need to be expensive, time consuming, or even done outside of your home. I know, in today’s world self care may sound like a word overly used. Now we add a hashtag to that word with a picture of a nice warm bubble bath and pretend our needs are met. And even thou that may sound peaceful, that is not true self care. Self care and self maintenance are two different things that we all need. In my definition self maintenance is doing the things that help us maintain our physical selves like taking a nice warm bubble bath. Self care is doing something for yourself that will fill up your soul & reduce your stress. Stress is unavoidable,

especially in the day to day life of a mother. This is why it is important to take time everyday to release that stress. It is because we are so busy & stressed that we need self care everyday. And some days we need a whole morning, afternoon or evening filled with self care. We don’t need to book a spa day (even thou that sounds lovely) to fulfill our soul. Self care can last for 10 minutes, 30 minutes, an hour, whatever time you can spare, prioritize a moment for yourself to fill your cup and relieve your overstimulated feelings. Self care can look like….

As you can see, self care comes in many different forms. It’s okay if you are unsure of what works for you. Try one thing at a time until you find one thing, or a few things that work and fill you up.

My simple day to day self care routine looks like this…

  • Stretch

  • Say gratitude

  • Journal

  • Have tea or coffee

  • Read

  • Workout

  • Meditate

  • Breath work

The list may look long but none of these things are time consuming. My morning routine lasts about 30 minute. I also don’t work out everyday but on the days I do I plan a workout after the kids breakfast and I plan a workout that is quick and effective because #momlife. Then my reading, breath work, and meditation I do before going to bed which usually takes me around 40 minutes, depending on how much reading I do.

If you still feel like you don’t have time I want you to start to practice a mindful technique. I want you to start noticing how much time you are checking your emails and scrolling on social media. The average person spends hours on their phone daily not doing anything productive or beneficial. This can actually increase your stress levels. Limit checking your email to once in the morning, and once in the evening and limit your social media scrolls to no more than 5 minutes. You will notice that you do have some time to schedule in something that will benefit your well being. This is the time for your self care act. Follow your schedule and write down a time of day to do something for yourself. I'm going to share my must have things that help me and my self care time. Of course I bought these items for Amazon because… who doesn’t want next day shipping?!

Mat for stretching:

My favorite workout set:



Current read:

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