Healthy morning habits you can do as a busy mom

Let’s face it, ever since the pandemic started I think a lot of us have all been trying to be more conscious of our health and wellness. As a mom myself I know first hand how busy life is. And if I can keep being honest, health & wellness is something that we forget to incorporate in our day to day life. I actually think we worry more about how we can improve and support our childrens health and wellness before even considering our very own. To be fair I think that’s just part of motherhood itself.

For me, what changed my focus towards wellness was the day I grew tired of feeling like complete crap. I was sick of feeling tired all the time, having my appetite all over the place, dealing with brain fog, and feeling depressed and anxious. I decided to change and heal myself inward first and to do that I did a lot of research.

One of the things that really stuck with me was the action of having healthy habits. Habits can be a good thing and also a bad thing. It all depends on what the habit is and what purpose does it have to determine if a habit is good or bad. I think we can all agree we have at least one bad habit in our lives, but in order to grow and feel better is to create and be consistant in having healthy and good habits.

My starting point in creating a healthy habit in my life was to start a morning routine that would improve my mindset and focus for my day. How we start our day is so important. I can not stress this enough! It sets the mood, mindset, and intention for the day. You know when people always say “I don’t have time for that.” That’s probably true for some of us. But sometimes the reason we can’t get some things done is because they weren’t in our daily plans. Did you know that writing down your goals/plan for the day makes you 90% times more likely to achieve them? When you wake up with an intention and plan for the day things start to get done. Not saying that a few hiccups won’t happen along the way. We are only human, raising little humans, while trying to maintain some sort of sanity.

When I began starting my days with intention and planning I noticed a major growth in my life & wellness. The hardest part for me was creating a healthy morning routine. I used to not be a morning person at all. I would wake up as late as I possibly could and just start the day confused and lost while feeling overstimulated. Lately I have been training myself to be a morning person to have a more effective day.

How I became mindful of my day

As a wife and mother of 3 , writer, creator, coach, and business owner, my day is full from the moment I open my eyes until the moment my head hits my pillow…. Literally. When I started being more mindful of my life I noticed that I took moments in my day to take a break. I also noticed that in those moments I considered taking a break I found that I was not on purpose with that free time. Instead of scrolling through socials and connect with people I starting taking my breaks to meditate and focus on my present body and breath.

Moments of mindfulness and rest are important throughout the day, but when I was using those moments to take a break I wasn’t doing anything that was resting my thoughts, I was still in fact working and welcoming continuous thoughts and opinions flowing through my mind. Being on purpose even with your breaks are important. I’m going to list below my morning habits and why each one is beneficial to me. Let me know if any of these have helped you (:

  1. Wake up before the kids

  2. Expressing gratitude

  3. Drink water

  4. Meditate/Stretch

  5. Plan out my to do list which includes meals and workouts for that day

Waking up before

the kids

This one impacted me the most. I found when I was waking up with the kids or even only a few minutes before the kids I noticed that mentally I was still very groggy and slow. I also felt like I would wake up and be thrown into fight mode rushing to cook, clean and get every ready and out the door. The anxiety is real in the mornings, especially on school days.

I decided to start waking up an hour before the kids. This is a huge change for me. What I did to ease my wake up times was to start off by waking up 10 minutes earlier each week. So for example I would normally wake up at 6:20 so for the coming week I would set my alarm to 6:10. If that was an easy adjustment after the first few days push it back by 20 minutes. You will notice that this adjustment might take a few more days to get used to but you’ll get there. Once your goal is set to waking up an hour before the kids you’ll notice that by the time it’s your kids turn to wake up you’ll have been fully awake and have had a little bit of self care time before the morning rush. This creates a more peaceful and positive mindset shift in the very start of your day.



Expressing gratitude sounds simply right? Yet so many of us neglect to do it. I get it, we’re busy, we’re have a lot on our minds, we’re trying to balance life with all the chaos thrown our way. It is still important to give thanks every single day. I like to do it in the morning because as the day progresses and taking care of ourselves, children, and chores occupy our time throughout the day it’s easily forgotten. My gratitude is done during my morning moment to myself. I would forget to express gratitude often. I even have a gratitude book to help me stay motivated to do it everyday. But even with that I was forgetful. The only thing that really got me in the habit of saying things I was grateful for was setting a reminder in the morning for it. I have a mini morning routine that is in full detail and it goes like…

1. Wake up (yes because that’s a struggle sometimes to wake up.)

2. Drink water

3. Gratitude

4. Meditate


6.Read or make content for morning

7.Make kids lunch

8.Wake up kids

9.Make breakfast

10. Get ready

11. Clean up

12. Leave for the day

Okay I did say it was a mini list but as I was writing it I realized theres nothing mini about this list. Anyways. I looked at this every morning and checked things off as I got them done. Writing it down as a reminder to say your gratitude until you don’t need that reminder anymore. Truth is, even when our life is chaotic, and overstimulating at times, there is always something to be grateful for. It can be something as simple as a blanket that you’re holding, just express gratitude for all the things. Expressing gratitude in the morning can also aid in wiring our brains to feel happy and positive. What a great way to set our mindset for the day. Another way to express gratitude is by telling people how grateful you are for them. For example…

- When you see your partner, tell them how grateful you are for everything they do for you. Try to say something different that you’re grateful for that they do whenever you do express thankfulness to them.

- When you see your parents randomly say something you are grateful for that they do.

- When you see your sibling tell them things that you are grateful for who they are and what they do. Remind them that you love them.

- When you see your neighbor tell them how thankful you are for their help & support

- When you see a friend say how grateful you are for their friendship, honest, and loyalty.

- Throw in a complement for your loved ones and your strangers. This one I’m still getting used to doing because I don’t usually talk to people but even telling someone you like their shirt or nails creates good feelings all around.

A little bit of gratitude goes a long way. Try these tips to help you get used to it expressing gratitude.

Drink water

Of course drinking water should be part of every hour of the day (besides sleeping) but in the morning it is essential! Think about it… you were just asleep for the last 6-8 hours (hopefully) when you wake up your eyes and body are the first things to move. Your organs don’t start until you put something inside your body. Don’t rush to grab that cup of coffee just yet. Gently start waking up your organs with a bottle of water. Study shows that room temperature water is best for first thing in the morning, and if you have a little lime squeeze some of the juice in there to help with digestion.


Love love love this one the best. The more you get to know me the more you’ll notice I love meditating. The benefits that come with meditating are..

Helps manage stress

Helps you become more present

Reduces negative emotions

Improves your mental, physical, and emotional health

Just to name a few.

For me to be and feel like my truest self I like to meditate in the mornings. Meditation for me brings me stillness and peace. When I take the moment to sit still and focus on my breath I go about my day being more mindful and less bothered. The kids dropped juice on the floor, I take a deep breathe and simply clean up the mess whole I say “accidents happen”. This is because I am in a zen and present mind-state. With stretching I feel as we get older our bodies are a lot more achy than when we were in our early 20s. I’m 31 right now and if I miss a few days of stretching I feel like an old, old lady. A great way to stretch your whole body is through yoga. There are tones of yoga strategies that you can do in 10 minutes that will give your body a great stretch and form of movement.

Have a to do list

Writing a to-do list every morning (or night before) has helped me have a more productive and organized day. Don’t get me wrong, I am a total believer of days to just be and do the the least amount of things possible, but for the most part of my week I like for it to be planned. Things I like to plan are meals we are all going to eat for the day, any appointment that we may have that day or week, my workout of the day, and any errands that need to be done.

Sounds like a lot but trust me, it saves you time and less anxiety triggers. I hated when lunch or dinner time came and I had no idea what to cook for everyone. I would get so much anxiety thinking of the perfect meal and last minute grocery stop run because I don’t have something to complete for dinner. All of this chaos that is going on takes up anxiety filled moments in your day that could have been avoided by just having it planned out. Having my errands and appointments are important for me to have them planned out is because of the similar feeling I explained earlier… avoided anxiety triggers.

If you’re a mom I am sure you forgot about an appointment or maybe you’ve shown up to one late because you didn’t manage your time ahead, and that’s normal and okay. But the feeling of guilt will almost always try to arise. I think you can notice a pattern of me actively trying to avoid anxiety triggers. Planning is one of the best ways for me to have a more steady day… even as a busy mom. Again I want you to know that It’s okay too to take days off to do nothing, and if you can’t get all of your to-dos on your list done , that is okay too. You shouldn’t be productive everyday. Rest is also going to be the best productive thing you do some days.

Well…these are my morning habits that have helped me maintain a balanced day. Remember that with all new things practice is required. Don’t be hard on yourself if you are just starting to implement a morning routine into your day. Ease into it and I promise you you will get there. I also want to stress this… it is also okay if you can’t do all the things in this list, or if you want to add or change things from my request. Again this is what works for me, I want you to have something that works for you. As a busy mom I get it, we can only fit in time when it’s available, or when we’re not too tired. Do your best, feel your best, and be patient with yourself. You got this!


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