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Hi! I’m Diane and I am so happy you are here! I am a mindfulness, parenting, and meditation coach. Sounds like a lot of coaching right? I am a firm believer that mindfulness, meditation, and parenting can work hand in hand to benefit each other. That is why I bundle these services in my coaching. This is your all in one community to help you become conscious and connect with yourself and others.

In my personal experience and in my work with others I have witnessed firsthand how mindfulness and meditation benefits our mental health and quality of life. It is also a great gateway into your journey with mindful parenting (some of you may be familiar with the term conscious parenting.)

Whether you are here to do all the things like…

  • To grow more mindful of yourself

  • Learn how to be a mindful parent

  • How to raise mindful children

  • How to meditate to cope with life & motherhood

Or if you are here to just learn one thing. Whatever your need is I have the service for you. I

I can’t wait for you to get started in this journey. I look forward to get to know and help you!

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